STUDIO EMIT is a spatial design research studio with a special interest in public interiors, wellbeing and our future living.

Interior spaces shapes people's behaviour. People’s behaviour influences the spaces being made. Interior as a strategy for social engagement, we could approach a problem from a different perspective. Interior is also a space where people experience in a more immediate and personal way.

With this starting point, the projects begins with in-depth design research applying circular thinking into each design processes. Regenerative design strategy is translated into sustainable interventions in a conceptual or physical form.

The studio works and believes in designing across the margins. We cherish the added value of multi/interdisciplinary practice, and has a collaborative attitude.   

Always on the lookout to find and bring sensibility into our living environment. 


Emi Tsutsushio is born in Japan, raised in Texas and Tokyo. She holds a BA in Environmental Information at Keio University (JP) and completed her MA Interior Architecture at Hogeschool voor de Kunsten Utrecht (NL). 
She combines her multidisciplinary background and interest in behavioral science, design research, spatial design and craftsmanship into her practice. Researching botanical colours through Flatto81 project.
Conducting experimental research on temporary and embodied slow space through Space for Slowing Down project.
Having deep interest in the craftmanship, and to become a craftswoman herself, she currently works as a Frame Maker apperentice at Boselie van Boekel Lijstenmakerij en Restauratie-Atelier and learning the heritage craft and techinques of European frame making and restoration.

筒塩 絵美
自主プロジェクトであるFlatto81プロジェクトでは植物の色を使ったワークショップやシルクスクリーン印刷のカードをデザイン。Space for Slowing Downプロジェクトではテンポラリーなembodied slow spaceを作るための実験とデザインリサーチを進めています。
以前より興味があったモノづくりの職人としての道を実現する為2024年4月よりBoselie van Boekel Lijstenmakerij en Restauratie-Atelier にて額縁職人の実習生としてヨーロッパの額縁制作・修復の技術を学んでいます。

Due to my Frame Maker apperenticeship, below service is currently not available until further notice. 
  • Design Research (spatial, product, lifestyle)
  • Concept / Product Development
  • Prototyping and modelmaking through research in crafts, digital fabrication, innovative techniques
  • Creative consultancy and advice
  • Installation and Exhibition Design based on circular design and use of regenerative materials.



  • デザインリサーチ(空間、プロダクト、ライフスタイル)
  • コンセプト デザイン商品(再)開発にに伴うアドバイス、デザインコンサルティングサービスの提供
  • プロトタイピング( デジタルファブリケーションなど最新の技術や手工芸によるモックアップを作成)
  • サーキュラーデザインと再生素材・資源を活用した商品開発、インスタレーション、展示デザイン
  • ご要望に合わせてデザイン事業をサポート
Studio address : visit by appointment 
Tramkade 9, 5212 VB 's-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands

Studio together with Product Designer and Maker Harry Koopman and Art Educator Goedele Wellens.